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Thinking to Expand Your Business in The SEA region?

As the world goes digital, more businesses are focusing on ways to stay relevant and continue growing.  At the same time, more countries are starting to see Malaysia as a valuable market to expand their operations. This digitalization trend and market entry is an area that Foxymojo strives to bring value to businesses.

Photo with a client: CloudCherry – a SaaS Customer Experience Management Platform, headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Cisco acquires CloudCherry to enhance contact center CX.

Foxymojo was founded by Atasha and Jerry Yeo, both with years of experience in the government and corporate finance services sector.

Foxymojo is a boutique consultancy firm providing business advisory for companies looking to digitalize and expand their footprint in the Malaysian market.

The goal is to provide businesses with clarity in making strategic business decisions while reducing the costs and risks involved with entering (or scaling in) Malaysia.

One of the main activities Foxymojo engages in is thoroughly analysing their clients’ businesses, focusing on tackling key operational problems that arise as the business progresses through different stages of growth.

One of the key obstacles faced in this line of work is clients’ going through a phase of conformity, or what Atasha calls the ‘pain of change’.

Atasha mentions that it is crucial for entrepreneurs to undergo a shift of mindset from “seeking certainty” towards “thriving in uncertainty” as a key element in embracing this new digital world.

Moving forward, Atasha aims to turn Foxymojo into a Data-Driven management consulting firm by the first half of 2020, with the team working hard on expanding their technical capabilities.

When asked for one piece of advice for entrepreneurs, Atasha’s feedback was simple — to leverage the “power of stories” to move forward:

“The fundamental of a great movement to change the world starts with a story.
It’s crucial to listen to each other and learn how we become who we are and think the way we do. By understanding people’s stories, you will forge bonds that initiate a great movement.”