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Atasha has garnered a reputation as Business Development Professional and a driving force behind Digital Economy evolution in Malaysia. He has successfully helped world’s leading multinational brands from Fortune 500 -listed companies in a variety of industries as well as small and medium businesses to develop leaders and accelerate organizational performance. He is described by clients and partners as a “solutions driven person”, with a “pleasant personality and strongly driven to make a difference.

A results-oriented, strategic and highly regarded for applying industry best practices. Out of the box thinker adept at identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses to devise creative solutions. Experience surpassing financial and service objectives via a combination of world-class delivery. Recognized as a strong leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in developing and executing strategic plans resulting in proven gains in both revenue and brand recognition. Today, he is leading the development of growth stage startups as part of National Digital Transformation agenda at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). He advises business leaders on how to thrive in the Digital Era and connecting them to business and investment opportunities. His core competence lies in his extensive commercial and government network.



Focus, Commitment & Sheer Will

So, What People Say About Atasha…


“Atasha was a joy to work with when i was in MDEC. He was loyal, polite, very good at his work, and a lovely friend. I would not hesitate to endorse him at anytime.”

Michael Warren, Former Vice President, MDEC / Director of InvestKL, Malaysia


“Atasha is a great asset to MDEC and the digital economy community. He brings invaluable knowhow, experience, understanding & thoughtfulness to his interactions with stakeholders & participants across the spectrum. He is a great enabler, very personable & deeply perceptive, and strongly driven to make a difference. He is highly effective at discerning solutions and making meaningful connections, and it has been a pleasure indeed to work with him.”

Leon Koay, Managing Director, Bangsawan Group, Singapore


“Atasha has been a great friend & an excellent connector. Coupling his extensive network & comprehensive knowledge of the tech startup industry, his resilience is further proven by how he is highly effective in bridging gaps & closing new connections, in which I have been very impressed. His adaptability to different cultures and founders of all background makes him a very exciting person to work with.”

Christian Teo, Chief Executive Officer, Moneybay, Malaysia


“Atasha is a motivated and diligent officer with a good understanding of the ICT industry in Malaysia. I am sure with his pleasant personality and excellent interpersonal skills makes him a significant contributor to the success of MDEC.”

Wee Meng Thoo, Head of Investments, Leonie Hill Capital, Singapore


“I had the pleasure of working with Atasha. He is a highly capable solutions driven person and he knew how to work with us and challenge the way we think about our business and our unique value proposition. He is an amazing individual and I would not hesitate to work with him again on any venture because of his problem solving skills and ability to think out of the box.”

See Wai Hun, Chief Executive Officer, Juris Technologies, Malaysia


“Mohd Atasha is passionate about building the technopreneur ecosystem in Malaysia. He has the experience and knowhow to understand and contribute meaningfully to any discourse on entrepreneurship and business building challenges. He has helped tremendously with his thoughtful input and the connections he’s made thru his business network.”

Mun Choong Lam, Chief Executive Officer, Nettium and Selfdrvn, Malaysia


“Mohd Atasha is the quiet achiever with a simmering energy to make things happen in the entrepreneurial space not only in his home nation of Malaysia, but that of the surrounding SE Asia countries. If you are looking to work on scale up projects in the region, do get in touch with Atasha. It would be worth an exploratory conversation – at the very least.”

Dr Yvonne Sum, Executive Director, 5Echo, Australia


“Mohd Atasha is very focused and a go getter when it comes to making things possible for his stakeholders. His ability to see the business perspective enables him to engineer solutions with the least friction.”

Arvind Srinivasan, Former Chief Financial Officer, Standard Chartered Global Business Services


“Atasha and I worked together while I setup my software company in Malaysia. Atasha has a keen eye for combining industry needs, with solutions which may or may not be available yet. He uses his IT background with his diverse industry knowledge to come up with innovative solutions. It’s been a pleasure working with Atasha, and I recommend him for positions where business, innovation and information technology come together.”

Menno Valkema, Co-Founder, LizardApps, Netherlands


“Smart and Intelligent Person. Very enthusiastic and ambitious. He loves challenges and new ideas.”

Nurul Hasyimah Hassan, Administrator, RBC Dexia Investor Services, Asia


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Atasha while he was with us here at RBC. He was nothing short of brilliant when it came to advising or assisting different internal partners in accomplishing daily assignments and, of course, the occasional project. His ability to almost always find a more efficient method of completing tasks was impressive in comparison to many other members of the the cross functional groups. His dedication to his work is unparalleled, which is a testament to his work ethic.”

Abdalla Mohamed Abdi, Senior Fund Accountant, RBC Investor & Treasury Services, Asia


“Atasha is a very professional and skilled person which whom I’m working on daily basis from our Luxembourg office. Always an excellent support when we need, either on signaletic production than to take over some specific tasks.”

Emmanuel Servais, Senior Analyst, RBC Investor & Treasury Services, Europe




For appointments, speaking engagements, advisory or special project/partnership requests, the best way to get in touch with Atasha is using contact form below.