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Project Description

An original dramatic/romantic comedy web series about holding on during life’s darkest moments and defining your own happiness. Sometimes all you need to turn tragedy into a blessing is a new perspective.

Struggling actress Kat Park is in a deep funk and failing at life. Broke, newly single, and caught in a paralyzing Turning-30-Crisis, all seems hopeless. Until…Serendipity transforms a failed blind date into hope for a better life.

The Impact

We strongly believe in the need for more diversity in entertainment. While Hollywood may still be years away from equitable representation, we are proud to contribute towards this goal with our show. Kat Loves LA was written and produced by its two Asian American leads in a non-Asian specific storyline. We believe that the best way to create more roles for ethnic actors in the future is to show that we have the stories and the talent to captivate a mainstream audience.

Please help us make an impact on current media standards, so we can show that Asian Americans, along with other underrepresented minority groups are more than just sidekick characters, or stereotypes. As we film and cast our first season, we plan to be inclusive of all races, sexual orientations, religions, etc.


“Kat Park” – Paget Kagy
“Andrew Wang” – Matthew Um
“Natasha Averin” – Ilana Guralnik
“Mauricio Vega” – Mauricio Sanchez

Creator/Writer: Paget Kagy
Director: David Marciano (“Homeland”, “Bosch”, “The Shield”)
Supervising Producer Scott Lautanen (“CSI: Miami”)

Executive Producers: David Lieu & Mohd Atasha

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