Digital Transformation CSR is a movement that the government should encourage to accelerate the digital competency of your respective country.

Webinar: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Post COVID19 Resurgence, a joint-collaboration between UNCTAD & UNITAR.

Welcoming Remarks by Tatiana Krylova, Head of Enterprise Branch at UNCTAD, Keynote by Dr Rola Dashti, Under Secretary-General and Executive Secretary at United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia and Moderated by Alex Mejia, Director, Division for People & Social Inclusion at UNITAR.

Target Audience: Public Sector Officials, International Organization, Representative from Private Sectors & Civil Society Representatives.

Salient Points:


Covid19 has certainly impacted the way consumers behave. Consumers would continue to shop online. They are looking for retailers that demonstrate visible safety measures. Another point that I feel very important to focus on is that 78% of consumers believe that companies have a larger role in society. The majority would love to engage with companies that demonstrate strong sustainability credentials and make the world a better place.


Frugal Innovation has been going on for ages, but during covid19 it has accelerated the importance of frugal innovation to help people to do more with less. By leveraging existing technology, entrepreneurs can do business faster, better, and cheaper.


When our communities are connected, we can reduce overlapping efforts between government agencies and other organizations to provide more efficient supports, shared prosperity, and bridge the digital divide.


CSR is not about handing over a big cheque, take a photo and post it on media. Integrity is the heart of CSR activities. It is not about fame but about us as a company to do the right thing and make the world a better place for our stakeholders. When we do business, we need to be responsible for all our stakeholders, not just shareholders.


Digital Transformation CSR is a movement that the government should encourage to accelerate the digital competency of your respective country. 

First and foremost is to set the Standard and clear Guidelines. So people would know what is good, what is so-so, and what is bad when it comes to CSR. For example, to deploy drones for precision agriculture in a small village. The drone is usually quite expensive for farmers. to own multiple drones, they may want to get financial assistance from the bank. If you set the standard and clear guidelines, it would be easier for bankers to refer to it as part of their approval process. 


With the standard & guidelines, your respective government would also be more comfortable to structure the incentives either in tax or grant or maybe both.


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